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    Linen fabrics are known for their premium quality, durability and a feather-like soft structure. It is one of the oldest known natural fibers. It is a lightweight material which is extremely durable and comfortable. Kalasheel has a linen collection with various prints and designs which look classic and stylish. The best part of this fabric is that it becomes softer with every wash without losing its shine.

    How Do You Wash Linen?

    You do not need to pay a specialist to wash your linen suit unless it is particularly stained or damaged, you can easily wash it at home.

    Linen is best washed on a lukewarm or cold wash with a mild detergent. It is a delicate fabric that creases so easily, so a gentle wash cycle is the best option if you have one on your machine.

    Using soft water is also beneficial to the washing process of linen if you can have control of this.

    How Do I Dry Linen?

    You can dry linen in a tumble dryer but if you’re going to do this then you need to take it out when still slightly damp and hang or lay flat to finish drying to avoid excessive creasing and the fabric going stiff.

    Do not tumble dry linen and then forget to remove it from the machine immediately as the creases will become impossible to remove.

    Can You Iron Linen?

    You can iron linen but whether you do or not depends on the look you’re after. We personally think linen suits look best smooth and crisp, which means ironing will definitely be required after washing and drying.

    Linen is easiest to iron slightly damp, using a medium-hot iron or you could opt to use a steamer if that suits you better. Unfortunately, linen isn’t one of those fabrics you can leave hanging to ‘drop the creases’ because it is a naturally crumpled fabric and they’re unlikely to drop out.

    How Do You Store a Linen Suit?

    Your linen suit needs to be stored hanging straight and somewhere that it won’t get folded or crumpled as the creases won’t just fall out when you get it out. Linen does have natural insect repellents in the fibers, so you don’t need a suit bag for the purpose of protecting from moths etc but when it comes to avoiding the suit becoming squashed in your wardrobe, it may be worthwhile.

    How Do You Pack a Linen Suit?

    If you’re traveling and need to pack your linen suit, the best option is always to pack it in a suit bag that can be hung up but if this isn’t an option then packing it as flat in your case as possible is the next best thing.

    Fold your linen suit perfectly flat and place at the top of all your clothes in your case to keep it as flat as possible and hopefully no excessive creasing will appear whilst traveling.


    Q: Can linen dress material be machine washed?

    A: Yes, linen dress material can be machine washed, but it is recommended to wash it in cool water and hang it dry to maintain its texture and color.

    Q: Does linen dress material wrinkle easily?

    Ans: Linen is known for its tendency to wrinkle, but this is also what gives it a relaxed, natural look. If you prefer a crisp appearance, linen dress material can be ironed or steamed to remove wrinkles.

    Q: How does linen dress material hold up over time?

    Ans: Linen is a strong and durable fabric that can last for years if cared for properly. It becomes softer and more comfortable with each wash.

    Why choose linen dress material?

      Ans: Linen is a natural, breathable fabric that is cool in hot weather and provides insulation in cold weather. It is also durable and gets softer with each wash.