Term & Conditions

    Please carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned below before ordering any product from our website. All our services are subject only to your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

    1. Accuracy of Information

    We have provided accurate information while describing our product (s) on the website. The content available on the website is accurate and up-to-date. It does not violate the rights of any third party.

    2. Account

    Be sure that the information you submit is accurate and complete, as you are responsible for keeping the privacy of your account and password. You are accountable for any actions which occur through your password or account. Your responsibility is to take the appropriate measures to guarantee that your password is kept private and secure.

    3. Trademark

    The content available on our website, including text, images, visuals, designs, and hyperlinks, is all part of our site with no control of third parties. It is prohibited to copy, reuse or distribute any of our trademarked material. It will be considered a crime under the law.

    4. External Links

    We use our platform to share information with various third-party links displayed on the website. We don't have direct control over their use, so we cannot stop them. We advise you to browse through these links at your own risk because doing so could cause harm to your system, for which we are not accountable.

    5. The exactness of the product is not guaranteed.

    Kalasheel products are handwoven and handmade, which makes them unique. There can be slight differences due to lighting and photography. Therefore, Kalasheel is not responsible for any exactness of a particular product ordered by you.

    6. Incorrect / Incomplete Shipping address

    Kalasheel is not responsible for any refunds if you give an incorrect or incomplete shipping address or if our delivery agency makes three failed delivery attempts, or the recipient refuses the package. Suppose you provide an incorrect shipping address, zip code, or/and mobile number. In that case, Kalasheel is not responsible for the misplacement or loss of your package.

    7. Price Disclaimer

    Kalasheel ensures that the price mentioned on the website is accurate, and the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price of the goods as posted on this website attached hereto.

    8. Colour Disclaimer

    The colors of the products that you can see on your computer screen may differ slightly from the actual item. This is due to the differences in the technology of monitors for computers and fabrics. Monitors that aren't correctly calibrated contribute to the variation in colors. Additionally, lighting conditions used when making photographs can affect the final color of the display. We've provided precise information about what we call our product (s) on our website. However, under the applicable laws, we disclaim any warranties and representations, either implicit or explicit, as the information or content displayed on the website is as accurate as the products.

    9. Payment Terms

    The buyer will pay the total amount in full of the purchase price according to the payment due date stated at the time of checkout.

    10. Disclaimer of Warranty/Limitation of Liability

    The seller does not take responsibility for the quality of goods or any other warranties or conditions, either implied or explicit.

    11. Updates and Changes

    Kalashee has full control to change these terms and conditions for a better customer experience. As changes to these terms are intended to take time to time, there is no prior notice given to customers regarding any changes in terms and conditions. Therefore, please check our website from time to time to stay updated.

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