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    Silk suits for women are one of the most sophisticated and elegant attire that any woman loves to carry. Its supreme texture and unique grace gives the royal texture that makes it a prime choice for every woman who loves to carry traditional yet trendy dupatta suits. Since, silk suits are one of the most popular ethnic outfits for Indian women especially for festival occasions and evening soirees. 

    The beautiful shine for the silk suits add extra glam to your look which makes it an excellent choice for all festival occasions. Apart from its beautiful shine, its texture is very soft and durable allowing you to look in different styles.  

    If you also love to wear traditional dress but look trendy, you must have a Silk suit collection in your wardrobe. If you like to wear Silk Suits, you should check out the Kalasheel online. It has a large selection of trendy, stylish, and elegant collections which you can carry in any mood. So, if you're a fan of Silk Suits, Kalasheel's online store is the perfect place to find something you'll love!

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    If you are looking for the perfect silk suits for the festival, wedding function, trousseau collection then you must visit Kalasheel Online Store. Browse our trendy collection of silk suits ranging from hand-painted to plain silk suits. People will give compliments when they see you in these suits! Enjoy the hassle-free shopping experience with Kalasheel. Shop pure Silk dupatta suits at the best price only at 

    How to Take Care of Silk Clothes

    1. Always store your silk clothes in a dry and dark place. Overexposure to light causes silk to lose its charm and glow.
    2. Don’t spray perfume and cents directly on your silk clothes as these substances have high chemical compositions and can damage your silk cloth.
    3. If your silk cloth gets dirty from food stains or something else. You need to act on it quickly and clean it. Use a clean, mildly wet cloth to wipe off the stain. Just make sure not to be harsh on the stain and rub it as it might damage your silk cloth.


    1. The primary thing to notice while thinking about how to take care of silk clothes is how well you save them. Save your silk clothes in a clean and dry place using naphthalene balls. This keeps the moths away from the silk clothes and keeps them safe.
    2. Iron your silk clothes after it is dry from washing and strictly don’t iron them when your silk clothes are wet or damped.
    3. It is generally advisable to wash your silk clothes at a professional dry cleaning service rather than washing them on your own. Professionals like Quiclo know better, and they will help you maintain your clothes without having to worry about how to take care of silk clothes.

    See? Taking care of your fancySilk Suits is pretty easy! Just be gentle, avoid the dryer, and be careful while ironing. Your suits will stay lovely and classy for ages!

    What is the cost of a Silk salwar suit?

    Silk salwar suits are available at best rates online at, shop best priced Silk salwar suits.

    Where to buy the best rates Silk salwar suits?

    Buy best price Silk salwar suits online from  where you will get the guaranteed compliments.

    You can also check our best seller banarasi salwar suits as they are our best collection dupatta suits. In Banarasi we have Banarasi Chanderi, Banarasi Organza, and Banarasi cotton which you can carry on different occasions. 

    Stay up to date with the latest collections and the fresh launches of our unique designers from India with our New Arrivals. 

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